Jonathan’s background and interests

I am originally from New Zealand.  I was born in 1970 and I’ve lived in London since 1999.

I am an experienced mountaineer, having climbed mountains in New Zealand, Spain, Slovakia, France, Italy, Switzerland and Austria.  I’m not a bold climber, but I am an old climber and intend to be a very old climber.  I also fly-fish for salmonids (trout, char, grayling etc).  There is something magical about these fish for me, whether it’s the way they look or their awe inspiring natural history.  They taste good too.  Fly-fishing, like mounatineering is an ecstatic activity; it takes me out of myself.

I have a deep and abiding interest in wine making and wine.  It meshes with my interest in cooking and real food.  I tend to scramble around the fringes of great wines and great wine regions, looking for bargains, oddities and forgotten classics.

At university (the first time around) I played rugby league which, through injury, ultimately led to my becoming an osteopath.  I came to the health professions in my late 30s, but osteopathy is the last job I’ll ever have.