Half marathon running

In 2012 I decided to start regularly running half marathons. For a while I had been trialing strategies to combat middle age spread. There are 2 fronts on that particular war, energy in and energy out. I had concluded on a strategy for the energy in front (intermittant fasting) so I had to match it with a viable everyday strategy on exercise to complement and exploit the first strategy.

Originally and years ago I chose to start mountaineering. As well as loving the hills, I figured that it was an activity that I could keep up for the rest of my life and the fitness requirements would motivate me to keep exercising the cardiovascular system. Well, while it was sound strategy overall there developed a fitness gap between the every day requirements to exercise and the levels of fitness required for at most 1 week of the year when I got high into the mountains. This has only worsened with age and on moving to London, hundreds of miles from the nearest hill of any distinction.

To address this gap, I have decided to enter half marathons. So far I have run the Bristol Half Marathon, the Bath1/2 and the Ealing Half Marathon. I thought 21 kms (13 miles) was demanding, but not outlandish. Unfortunately, I have underestimated the difficulty. It’s hard, bloody hard. It’s also difficult to fit around intermittent fasting. I also hoped to have shortened my run time by more than I have been able to, a half marathon in 2 hours still seems a long way in the future.

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